CX Storytime Tale of A Delivery Most Foul

  • Queen size mattress? Check
  • Washer? Check
  • Dryer? Check
  1. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be delivering the mattress on that particular day, with the washer and dryer.
  1. Brand Consistency — Every point at which customer engages with your business, should all share the same brand voice. if you outsource parts of your business, if they engage with your customers, they represent your company and your brand. Make sure that if your brand is helpful and service-focused, that all parts of your business is properly representing you.
  2. Service Consistency — make sure all aspects of your business provide the same level of service. Social media, email, in-person, on the phone, email. All of it. If you provide amazing service in one area, but fail in others, it’s the failures that your customer will most remember. Establish expectations for all platforms and stick to them.
  3. Employees Value Consistency — your employees need to feel and know that their service efforts matter, and aren’t being undone by someone else. In this story, after David returned to the store once his blog got some attention, one of the sales reps pulled him aside and thanked him for writing the blog. The rep was frustrated that no matter how great of a job he did serving his customers, it was a gamble if they ever returned based on the delivery service. Consistency can help your employees feel they are part of a larger team all working towards the same goal, regardless of the number of moving parts.



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Russel Lolacher

Russel Lolacher

Digital Communication Director, speaker, advocate for healthier workplace cultures and kind candour. Host of the Relationships at Work podcast.